What is ECG?

ECG (Electrocardiography) is a process of producing an electrocardiogram. It is a voltage versus time graph of the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes placed on the skin at various parts of the body.

These electrodes detect the small electrical changes that are a consequence of cardiac muscle depolarization…

Introduction to Neural Networks

A neural network is a network which closely simulates the learning of a human brain. This is done by using connection weights and biases for each neuron in every layer.

In a neural network, the information is passed to the layer, the layer then computes the weighed sum of the…

Gradient descent is an algorithm which aims to minimize the error or the loss metric in order to obtain the best possible set of parameters for your model. This technique is very flexible and can have many hyperparameters which can be tuned for better optimization

Gradient descent technique can be…

Introduction to Multivariate Linear Regression

In this kind of regression, we have multiple features to predict a single outcome or in other words, a single dependent variable can be explained by multiple independent variables.
In this regression, we will use the Gauss Markov setup which has the following assumptions

  • Errors follow the normal distribution with…

What is structural break?

Structural break is an unexpected change in the pattern of data that we are given to work with.

Types of structural breaks

  1. Cyclic/seasonal — type of structural break where there are repeated patterns in the structural breaks
  2. Non Cyclic — type of structural break where there are no repeated patterns in the structural breaks
Non cyclic structural break

What is multicollinearity?

Multicollinearity is defined as a condition where two or more explanatory variables are related amongst themselves which may cause misleading predictions.

When is multicollinearity an issue?

Multicollinearity is an issue when the correlations between the columns may change with change in the conditions.

For example let us take the scenario of the stock market before…

Testing for significance of Regressors

F test

This test is used for checking if all the coefficients of the regression are collectively equal to 0 or not.

For this test we have defined two models

  1. Restricted model — In this model, the coefficients of all the explanatory variables are 0
  2. Unrestricted model — In this…

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